July 18, Saturday @ 10:30hrs – 12:00hrs at Merrickville Public Library

User Group, Seminar, Workshop

All levels of user, share questions and insights.

Bring your Mac with its power supply. An extension cord will be useful to reach outlets.

No need to register. WiFi available.

We all forget passwords or they momentarily elude memory.  To find a password  open Keychain Access.app in the Utilitiesfolder nested in the Applications folder. Once there, scroll through the list of keys until you find the one that you’re looking for. Double click on it and check the box that says, “Show Password.”

You will have to authenticate with your user credentials, your forgotten password will be displayed in the text box.

ref. Mac 101: Retrieve your Keychain passwords, TUAW Sep 25th 2008

In iPhoto “you can drag two fingers on your MacBook’s touchpad (or your Magic Trackpad) to control the various edits with better precision than just dragging around a mouse. (TUAW, 11-02-241)
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Basic requirements for “Mac compatibility”:  Do not pay extra for so-called “Mac compatibility”!  You should be able to find a 1T drive – this is for backup so get a 3.5 inch drive in a case with an external power supply – for less than $100.  USB2 is fine.  The drive may come with a disk of software or software preinstalled. We are going to ignore these proprietary “Mac setup” softwares (that may open the first time you plug the drive into your Mac).  I G N O R E!  All the software needed to do this properly came with your Mac – it is called Disk Utility and can be found in the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder.  We are going to make the drive “Mac compatible” in the following steps. Read the rest of this entry »

In the Dock, icons for ‘hidden’ apps can be rendered semi-transparent like so

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Mail is a pretty good application but after you have used it for a long time it can appear to become a bit sluggish and develop all sorts of anomalous behaviour such as phantom and missing messages, as well as erroneous counts, messages not deleteing, and so on.  This can be fixed!

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I am always tripping over the “caps lock” key and turning it on accidentally so I looked for a way to turn it off.

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